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The benefits of investing in bitcoin
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Cryptoxchanger legitimacy /r/Bitcoin

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Is the manipulator back at it?

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Crytpo I.C.O.'s Best of List

#1 Sphere is revolutionizing the Social media platform!
#2 UCOINCASH ICO! Decentralized Digital* Cash with Lending , Staking , Mining , & Debit card. #ICO #Bitcoin #crypto #ucoincash
#3 You can now get paid to watch and play #videogames #Refereum cuts out the marketing middleman by directly rewarding influencers and gamers to promote and play video games from the comfort of their home or office. Learn more and register for your free account. #crypto #games
#4 The 1st Globally Decentralized Ecosystem Directly Connecting Grocery Manufacturers & Consumers
#5 The JP Morgan of Cryptobanks
#6 #Bitair is Bitcoin for Travel
#7 #Neoconnect http://neoconnect.ioWestseattlechris
#8[email protected]
#10 My newest & hottest I.C.O. I am investing into[email protected]
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New exchange

It’s been a very busy week for the CX team. We have started the New Year at a good pace, and we are determined to make it even better. As always, we are delighted to inform you about the latest victories we have won and upcoming events. In line with the plans we created at the beginning of our journey, EXCC has finally earned a spot on the first external exchange. Now that we have been featured live, you can trade your coins in We are aware that the exchange rates are small and the volume is low but it is a progressive development and the support we have received so far is very responsive and encouraging. Our team has sent many listing applications, but because of the holiday season, the response from the support teams has been quite slow. Our goal is to be featured on at least one more exchange very soon. More good news! The plans have been concluded to launch the first EXCC Airdrop. And as we promised earlier, the ICO participants will receive more coins for their investments during the ICO. And we have made 900,000 EXCC available; this value will be shared equally among everybody while additional 100,000 EXCC has been exclusively provided for the ICO participants who will claim the Airdrop. Have a look at the rules for this event: 1. The Airdrop registration will start on 20.01.2018 at 9 AM UTC and will end up on 27.01.2018 at 9AM UTC. The snapshot will be taken on 29.01.2018 at 12 PM UTC. 2. We have allocated 1 million EXCC coins for the Airdrop, and they can be found at this address: 3. Anybody who wishes to receive free coins must fulfill all the conditions and also complete the application form here- (form will be available when ICO starts) 4. To qualify for the Airdrop, all claimants must meet the following criteria: - ICO participants - holding at least 50 EXCC coins in their desktop wallet or CryptoXchanger web wallet at the time of snapshot and you must provide their UN number (visible in CX account). - Others - holding at least 200 EXCC at the time of snapshot in their desktop wallet or CryptoXchanger web wallet. 5. All claimants must also perform at least one of the following actions: share a Facebook post regarding the EXCC Airdrop; re-tweet tweets regarding the EXCC Airdrop; leave a comment about EXCC Airdrop on the BitcoinTalk topic: 6. Claimants do not have to be registered on to participate in this event. 7. The following format will be used to calculate Airdrop coins: Coins Received = (Airdrop coins/Sum of all EXCC reported and held)*number of coins held by the claimant. 8. At the end of the Airdrop event, we will work out all the calculations and send the EXCC coins to the registered destination addresses ASAP. We are absolutely excited about this event, and we know you will be happy with the outcome. We also need to inform everyone that we have been forced to create a new Facebook fan page because the previous page was hacked three weeks ago and after many futile attempts to resolve this issue with the Facebook support team, we decided to open a new page. Here is the link to the new fan page:
Thank you all for the reading this announcement.
The CX Team
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I'm 0-2 and out

Created my reddit account to say this. I started playing with Bitcoins a few years ago drawn by the allure of a better system that would create fairness and remove a lot of the inefficiencies of our current banking system. I traded a little on CryptoXChange (most of you won't have heard of it) but they were an early Australian exchange. And for a while it was good. But then the price started differing from the main bitcoin price - knowing this was a sign of an exchange in trouble I started a trading bot to keep buying and selling hoping to create the liquidity to keep them afloat, I'm an idealist.
When they went under, I rebought some coins on MtGox still thinking that ok, it happened once but the currency is still promising. Again I saw the warning signs but left my little trading bot running, hoping against hope they would make it through. Sadly it seems like they haven't but something else has changed for me - looking at the intense focus on the exchange price, finger pointing and vitriol, the lack of trust and the willingness of users to scam each other Bitcoin holds no shine, nothing draws me to the people or the community. It truly seems this is why the people can't have real power, because we'd simply use it to further our own ends.
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DISABLE JAVA There's java zero day exploits being discovered all the time. One exploit still hasn't been fixed. You should do this permanently with your browser java is an exploit factory. IE you can't completely disable java so don't use it.
INSTALL NOSCRIPT ADDON or whatever shit script blockers Chrome/Safari use because Chrome is still lacking the required infrastructure for selective script disablement and object blocking so noscript isn't available, but inferior clones are. Whitelist only sites you need, like so it doesn't automatically load harmful scripts on untrusted sites.
GET AN ENCRYPTED PASSWORD SAFE Don't use any solution that 'encrypts in your browser' because it will need java and we disabled java remember?
MAKE NEW GMAIL ACCOUNT JUST FOR TRADING Make a random account name + password that can't be guessed.
Store them in your password safe so you don't forget them. Never reuse that password on any site. ENABLE TWO FACTOR AUTHENTICATION.
Note that 2factor ID sometimes doesn't work if your phone time is off. You get 30 seconds to type in the code, if off by 10 seconds derp run out of time. Set your time manually if the shitty telco time server is off
MAKE BTC-E ACCOUNT Use impossible to guess passwords from password generator + throw in your own random letters. Save in password safe. Do not pick a name anywhere close to being your email username.
ENABLE 2FACTOR ID Click Profile, then click 'Edit' - confirm your email. - enable "Withdraw only with request on E-Mail"
DO NOT CLICK ANY LINKS IN THE TROLLBOX!!!! No matter how innocent the link looks don't click anything in the chatbox. Hackers are dropping links full of java zeroday, redirectors that look just like btc-e login page and phish for passwords, all sorts of bad. Trollbox is also prone to misinformation being that it is a trollbox. Avoid.
If you chat on there, expect every PM sent to you will be from a hacker trying to mine information or get you to click a link. Assume every link is an exploit attempt. Notice how it displays your name, if you picked same name as your email, they can go to work on both by trying to break into your gmail account. This is another way how people get their coins stolen. Hacker takes chat name and tries it on gmail/hotmail/yahoo. If they get in because you didn't set up 2 factor expect to be robbed of coins.
DO NOT ENABLE API Unless you know what you're doing, do not enable this. Liberty Reserve disabled their API by default because of so many drained accounts.
DISCLAIMER Of course, be aware the exchange is in Russia or possibly Bulgaria and if anything happens the owner could just disappear, but this is highly unlikely. Why would you walk away from a money machine. Remember bitfloor (US) lost all it's customers bitcoins once, CryptoXchange (Australia) stole from users and disappeared, Bitcoinica (China?) stole or lost all the coins, and bitcoin-24 (German) has just lost their bank account and owner MIA. All exchanges carry risk no matter what country they are in.
You can fund btc-e through cash deposit in India, Singapore, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Australia with which are authorized exchange listed on the site. They sell btc-e vouchers and Okpay. So does for wires and other methods.
If you want a really secure platform (you fear your comp is probably already infected with hidden java zeroday botnet) then download any linux live distro and make bootable USB or burn to CD. I recommend Liberty Linux and just use the non private browser (disable java and javascript!), NOT the Tor browser you don't want to trust SSL over Tor and risk a malicious exit node capturing traffic and running sslstrip on it or feeding you a MITM attack with spoofed certs.
If you want to know why watch this, nothing has changed since this talk was given:
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Buying BTC with AUD - Current Summary for Aussies

So it seems that a pretty common question is "How do I buy Bitcoins with X". This is a list of the ways I am aware of and my experiences with each (where applicable) for buying BTC with AUD.
I'll split the below into two Parts. Services I've used, and services I haven't. Please let me know if I've left anyone out
I've used:
I've not used (but will test soon):
Name Current (AUD/BTC) Fee Speed Method Notes
MTGox USD (in AUD) 12.08 - - - MTGox USD rate converted to AUD using Google; 0.9557 AUD per USD
MTGox AUD 12.19 0.91% + 3.95% (~4.9%) One business day [YMMV] (transferred at 04:00 Thursday, processed 13:30 Friday. Once cash deposit via AusPost comes out this will be VERY competitive (3% fee) Domestic Bank Transfer 3.95% is the deposit fee.
Bitpiggy 13.13 8.69% 7-12 hours w/ NAB (Transferred 04:00 Thursday, had coins by 11:30 Thursday); One business day w/ other banks Domestic Bank Transfer The first time I used Bitpiggy after it came back up I was called by NAB to confirm the transaction was legit.
MrBitcoins 13.16 8.94% That evening Cash Deposit Affiliated with CryptoXChange
SpendBitcoins 13.57 12.37% That evening Cash Deposit Used many times before Bitpiggy was back up. Fee includes 10% fee and Current price is an amalgamation.
- - - - - -
CryptoXChange 12.28 1.66% + $5+0.6% - Cash Deposit The $5+0.6% is the processing fee for a cash deposit. For amounts over $1000 this fee is 0 (temporarily)
BitInnovate 13.43 11.17% - Cash Deposit Fee includes 9.9% fee, current price is an amalgamation
Omnicoins 13.15 8.86% - Cash Deposit -
Local (All) Varies Var. - Cash - In Person Range of exchange rates. Mostly rather reasonable. Possibly some abandoned listings (either very high price or very low)
Local (Sydney) 12.76 5.63% - Cash - In Person Basically the same price as MTGox, I will be trying this method soon; there's a seller on George St, Sydney; very excited
- - - - - -
WeExchange unknown unknown - Bank Transfer Site appears to be in beta. I was unable to register. Possibly requires invitation code.
If anyone has any more info or comments I'll add them to the above.
The "Fee" above is taken to mean "how much more expensive is it to buy BTC with AUD than an optimum conversion". The Current AUD/BTC ratio was taken at about 3pm Sydney time, 21/09/2012. CXC: 5pm.
Also, where I talk about "Thursday" above, I'm talking about yesterday. I've been buying BTC with AUD for more than a year, most of that time was with SpendBitcoins. To be clear, I've never had an issue with any of these services before, I usually decide which to use based on the current rate.
Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with any of the above services.
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Primeiro ‘bebê Bitcoin’ do mundo nasceu no fim de 2012 nos EUA

Uma californiana recém-nascida deve a vida ao Bitcoin. Segundo reportagem do jornal britânico “The Telegraph”, a menina nasceu no fim do ano passado como resultado de um tratamento de fertilidade pago com a moeda virtual. A garota, cujo nome não foi revelado, está sendo chamada de primeiro “Bebê Bitcoin” do mundo.
A história foi revelada pelo médico C. Terence Lee. Entusiasmado com a explosão recente da moeda virtual, o doutor ofereceu desconto de 50% no tratamento se os pais pagassem com Bitcoin. O casal não fazia ideia do que era isso, mas aceitou o acordo, atraído pelo desconto camarada. A notícia chamou a atenção de outros pacientes, e Dr. Lee disse já ter recebido quatro propostas de pagamento em Bitcoin nas últimas 24 horas. Segundo o médio, aliás, uma outra mulher já pagou seu tratamento com Bitcoin e está no primeiro trimestre da gravidez de gêmeos. Segundo o “Telegraph” o especialista recebeu em moeda virtual para ajudar outro casal a ter seu quarto filho. Com ajuda dos médicos, eles abriram conta no sistema de câmbio para Bitcoin CryptoXChange (que ficava baseado na Austrália mas já não existe mais). Por meio do serviço, seus US$ 1 mil foram transformados nos 30 Bitcoins com os quais Dr. Lee foi pago. Como a moeda virtual passa por momento de forte valorização — especulação descarada, segundo alguns —, os 30 Bitcoins do Dr. Lee valem hoje US$ 3,6 mil. Apesar do entusiasmo com o Bitcoin, o ambicioso projeto da moeda virtual descentralizada, criada em 2009, dá sinais de instabilidade,
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TheCryptoxchange - YouTube US Cracks Down on Bitcoin Exchange  This Week in Crypto ... CryptoXChange - Demo Numiv Coin, CryptoXchange, UCoin Cash ICO Updates TOP 5 MELHORES EXCHANGES DE BITCOIN E CRIPTOMOEDAS 2019 ...

Empfehlenswert sind beispielsweise Cryptosoft, Bitcoin Code oder Bitcoin Profit. Wem das Trading mit den Bots nicht zusagt, der kann sich auf die klassischen Tradingformen des Handels bei Brokern und Exchanges fokussieren. TESTEN SIE DEN BESTEN ROBOTER 2018. Jeder Handel ist riskant. Keine Gewinngarantie .Jeglicher Inhalt unserer Webseite dient ausschließlich dem Zwecke der Information und ... Die Deutsche Börse hat erstmals ein Finanzprodukt auf Basis des Bitcoins auf den Markt gebracht, das im Regulierten Markt der Frankfurter Wertpapierbörse handelbar ist. Bei dem "BTCetc Bitcoin ... Cryptocurrency exchange Cashaa says it has lost 336 bitcoin (worth around $3.1 million) to hackers. The London-based platform has now ceased all crypto-related transactions, including withdrawals ... Join the trading platform. Exchange one asset for another in our advanced and secure Bitcoin exchange. The best place to buy, sell and trade your cryptocurrencies. Start your trading journey today. Making cryptocurrency trading accessible to everyone, anywhere in the world. Spot-markets for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin and many more digital assets. Start trading Sign in ... Bitcoin (BTC) The king of cryptocurrencies and the market capital leader. Ethereum (ETH) The smart contract leader and 2nd largest cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Cash (BHC) Hardfork of Bitcoin, increasing block sizes. Ability to process more transactions. coming soon. Simple, private and secure service . You'll love the comfort that comes with Cryptoxchangepro support. Our dedicated team makes ...

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TheCryptoxchange - YouTube

Welcome to our new show! Every day we bring you the latest Crypto Daily News This is your daily dose of all things crypto! From the latest in Bitcoin prices ... Skip navigation Sign in. Search Numiv Coin Signup: CryptoXchanger Signup: Ucoin... TOP 5 MELHORES EXCHANGES DE BITCOIN E CRIPTOMOEDAS 2019/2020 • Binance: 🚨 APOIO: • Curso Crypto Trad... Register here: Hi guys, I'm John and today I created this short video with the aim of sending my grati...