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New Miners: it's NOT profitable to build a rig today -- a more realistic calculator

Every day on the bitcoin irc channels, I hear people talk about the profitability of mining according to some calculator.
Lets face it: The easy money came and went a couple months ago and the gold rush is over.
I hate to see people deluded by false information, because of calculators that don't take into account the rising difficulty.
Here's a more realistic calculator for 1 GH/s if someone were to build a mining rig today, and the price remained constant. It accounts for a 25% difficulty increase each period, which is reasonable.
Link: A More Realistic Mining Calculator
Don't enable "Predict exchange rate", because that part is seriously flawed.
So please, save your money. Don't throw it away on a rig that probably won't be able to recuperate its original value.
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